Where to begin. How to keep going.

You don’t have to cross the oceans to be a missionary. A good place to start is in your own back yard.


At the entry level you need to understand the basics of Movements. But don’t spend too much time accumulating knowledge. You need to develop some skills first.

  • How to connect with people — finding a person of peace.
  • How to share the gospel — your story and his story.
  • How to train disciples — simple methods like Discovery Bible Study and T4T.
  • How to gather communities of new disciples.

Nothing beats face-to-face training with someone who has already done what they are training you to do.

Normally it’s four sessions spread over eight weeks. That give you time to do something before you get the next lesson. Sometimes the training is a one day workshop.

Any training will be better with coaching and peer accountability for those who implement. If you can’t find someone who can train, contact us, and we’ll see if we can recommend someone in your area.

There are also resources you can start working through.


Basic training must lead to action. You don’t know it until you can do it.

Find a partner and begin Connecting, Sharing, Training and Gathering.

As you do this, seek out a coach or some peers who are also engaged in the harvest. You need relationships that will provide support and accountability.

As you engage, work through some of the resources listed below. If you combine knowledge with action your learning will go through the roof. Especially if you also begin to train others.


Take what you’ve learned in Basic Training and begin training others. It’s a great way to keep learning.

Training multiplies the number of workers in the field, but don’t give up your field work just to be a trainer. Keep doing, keep training.

Don’t be discouraged. You might have to train 100 people in the basics to find ten who are ready to implement.


If you’re making disciples and training other workers, it’s time to start thinking about the big picture.

  • Step one we learn.
  • Step two we do.
  • Step three we train.
  • Step four we multiply.

Back to the classroom for some more learning.

Read the books and listen to the podcasts listed.

If you want to devote your life to this work you need to seek out some further training.

Drop us a line and we may be able to help, or at least connect you with the right people in your area.