What sort of workers is MOVE Looking for?
We are looking for godly, action oriented people, who have a passion to make disciples.

How do I get appointed?
There is an interview process and report with a recommendation that is ratified by MOVE leadership.

How long does it take to deployed?
It depends how long it takes for you to raise your support. Usually at least six to twelve months.

How much money do I need to raise?
You’ll need to raise all the funds for your ministry and living expenses which vary greatly from field to field. We’ll work with you to prepare a realistic budget. Once 75% has been raised, you can book your flight while you continue to raise the rest.

How do I raise support?
We do not believe in “holy hinting” but in sharing the need and asking for response. We provide training and coaching in building a team of financial partners made up of both churches and individuals. We base our training around Scott Morton’s, Funding Your Ministry.

Do you have educational requirements?
All candidates are assessed on whether they have the basic competencies of a pioneer missionary. MOVE does not necessarily exclude people with higher educational qualifications.

Am I assigned to a field, or can I choose?
It’s a two way discussion before a mutual decision is made.

Should I visit the field before making a final decision?
If possible, yes.

Who will I be accountable to?
All MOVE workers submit a monthly progress report and are accountable to a supervisor.

How much freedom will I have?
Within the boundaries of our beliefs, mission and ministry model you have as much freedom as you need to get the job done.

What support will I get from the MOVE network?
We provide administrative support in receiving and handling finances. We provide supervision and coaching. We provide training in “best practice” for fueling church planting movements. We provide a network of peers engaged in the same task but in different contexts. We provide a basic level of pastoral care.