Six Questions

1. Do I see the end?

What does it look like for my job to be done? Jesus knew the answer to that question—he went to every town and village. Paul knew the answer—he planted reproducing churches in the major cities between Jerusalem and Illyricum. Move workers don’t ask, “What can I do?” they ask, “What needs to be done?”

2. How do I enter a new field and connect with people?
How will I connect with people who are far from God? How will I look for responsive people who are the bridge for the gospel to cross over into new relational worlds?

3. How do I share the gospel?
How do I share the gospel in words and deeds so that people put their faith in Christ? How do I ensure new believers, who are insiders in the community, are sharing the gospel?

4. How do I train disciples?
How do I teach new disciples to obey Christ? Are our methods simple and transferable? Are disciples learning how to discover and obey the truth of the Scriptures for themselves? Are they teaching others to follow Jesus?

5. How do I gather communities?
How do I gather new believers into disciple making groups? Are the groups forming into new churches that are growing in maturity and reproducing disciples and churches?

6. How do I multiply workers?

  • Model effective ministry.
  • Assist workers to minister.
  • Watch them and provide instruction.
  • Leave and left them to get on with the job.